Welcome to Dangerous Damsels

To those of you that I’ve already met at a convention, hello again!
To those of you that I haven’t met before welcome and thanks for coming.
I hope to meet you at a convention in the future too.

This site is filled with things that I love, and I love all things pop culture.
There’s a little bit of many different genres –
goth, horror, anime, steampunk, rockabilly, and general pop culture.
Give that a sprinkle of magic, add a whole lotta black-eye-lined attitude and here we are!

If you saw something at a convention and don’t see it here,
please drop me a note and I can check on it for you.

Oh one more thing…there are items on this site that include coarse language.
If “bad words” offend you avoid the categories Swear Pillows and Swear Pins.
The pictures of items in those categories are not censored or child-friendly.
Any items with “bad words” that are in other categories will have a child-friendly
bit of censoring on the display picture. Click to see the uncensored version.

Cheers Darlings!

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