About Us

Greetings and felicitations from Dangerous Damsels!

We’re a local, family-run website based out of Leduc, Alberta, Canada. It’s a small city, outside of the big city (Edmonton) that I grew up in. My husband, Bud, and I met while I was living in Victoria, BC. I ran a pop-culture related company for almost 25 years called Warp 9 Non-Sport Cards & Collectibles. In addition to my own website, I was one of the first “dealers” on eBay, beginning before it was actually called eBay. Founder Pierre Omidyar sent us out all hand-signed Christmas cards (1995 I believe – wish I’d kept it!). My current membership profile shows an official date of Jul 26, 1996. When the first eBay Live convention was held in Anaheim in June 2002, sellers who had attained a feedback rating of 10,000+ were flown in for it with travel and accommodations provided by eBay. What a treat! When I hung it up I had just under 120,000 transactions with a feedback rating of over 60,000. I was also a regular attendee at many comic conventions, including the San Diego Comic-Con. Some of my fondest memories are of handing out swag bags there!

I just googled…this was me!

I shut it down in 2011. Our closing was part of an article in the pre-eminent related publication, Non-Sport Update.

The Disappearing Dealers (And What You Can Do To Help)

We moved away, traveled a bit. For part of the year, my husband and I run a campground. I never stopped being in love with the world of all things geeky. I missed the world I felt most comfortable in. In 2017 I decided to let me geek flag fly again and have dragged Bud along with me. Dangerous Damsels is the manifestation of my love of all things pop culture. We carry things that make me laugh, things that make me happy, things that I look at and say “I’d totally wear that”.  I like things that are strange and unusual, because as Delia said, “I myself am strange and unusual”.  Picture a six foot blonde with blue hair streaks, dressed almost always in black…that’s me.

Life’s too short my darlings, let’s have a bit of fun with it! Just be brave and be the you that you want to be. Live your life and have no regrets. Well, ok, maybe a few regrets. Blue eyeshadow just never worked out well for me.